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Jet Ski vs. Boat: 5 Reasons To Buy a Jet Ski Instead of a Boat

Aug 31, 2021 | Blog, Buyer Guides

Before summer comes next year, people should decide whether buying a boat or a jet ski best fits their needs, budget, and preferences. Although the two watersport vehicles are almost too similar, they do have differences. If you’re planning on snagging either one of the two water vehicles, here are some reasons why you should buy a jet ski instead of a boat.

It Is Beginner-Friendly

It is more logical to get a jet ski first before upgrading to a boat. A jet ski is an excellent vehicle to train on water because it’s easier to control and maneuver. Unlike boats, jet skis do not necessarily require their drivers to know how to respond to the wind. A jet ski is a great way to test the waters and get familiar with how the waves impact every vehicle’s movement if you’re also new to watersports. It’s better to invest in a smaller water vehicle while you’re confirming if you’re fit to do extreme sports on the water.

It Is Easier to Maintain

Boats are more complicated than jet skis. Did you know that jet skis don’t have a “transmission” like in cars, but boats do? If the engine is on, the impeller is moving. The bucket primarily controls the bucket. It directs where the water goes and where the vehicle goes.

A boat’s transmission has gears, which need maintenance and extra upkeep. Gears are more prone to wear and tear and would make a thud sound while shifting them. It might be off-putting for a newbie in boating, but it’s normal. Boats also have other moving parts, mimicking a truck engine built for water. Therefore, it has belts and other mechanisms needing routine maintenance checks from time to time.

It Is Ideal for Quick Rides

Jet skis are designed for close-range destinations. For example, if you’re living on an island and you thought of strolling on the beach to relax, then a jet ski might be the best option for that. On the other hand, boats may not be a “hop and go” kind of vehicle due to the various steps needed to sail on them. Even people with both a jet ski and a boat would prefer a jet ski for casual drives and strolls on water. It’s almost choosing between a bike and a car for a trip to the park.

It Is Easier to Store

Summer is a season with only a few months to spare. Storing a jet ski is more manageable than keeping a boat because of the size difference. The former can fit even in a small corner shed without being towed by a truck for transport.

Jet skis are so small that there is always room for them at the sand bars or docks. Meanwhile, boats take up a lot of space, and you’d often get an angry look from other boat owners when you take too long at the docks. Beaching a boat is not ideal because of the vehicle’s size.

It Is Safer to Use

Jet skis don’t have any exposed impellers. Unlike boats, they do not have exposed blades that can be dangerous and lethal. Meanwhile, jet skis have their blades tucked where people can’t quickly get in contact with them unless intended.

Although jet skis are generally safer, turning off the engine completely before getting off near the engine pump is still recommended. It’s also advisable to keep your fingers and limbs away from its impeller too.

Most jet skis also have brakes. Depending on the model of the engine pump, other vehicles now come with brakes which are excellent ways to prevent the vehicles from bumping into other water vehicles at sea. Brakes are great for adding extra control and promoting more effortless docking. If an unexpected watercraft pulls in front of you, all you have to do is brake, and the vehicle should stop.


In choosing between two similar water vehicles, base your choice on your budget and potential activities for the summer. If you’re into casual trips to the middle of the sea, then a jet ski might suit you better. But for people wanting to fish somewhere far and relax to the sound of the ocean, then a boat may be your best choice.

Both vehicles are great investments but may cost a lot of money. That’s where Canada Powersports Financing comes in. We’ll assist you in securing a financing deal for any water vehicle you like. Regardless if you want a jet ski or a boat, all you have to do is send an application on our website today, and we’ll have it assessed right away.

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