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5 Aspects of RV Dealerships to Spot Before Striking a Deal

Aug 17, 2021 | Blog

It’s summer once again, and a great way to experience the heat is by camping outdoors. Buying an RV at this time of the year is highly recommended as it can be helpful right now for out-of-town trips. If you’re thinking about purchasing your first RV, you probably have no idea where to buy it.

There is no shortage of dealerships, especially in Canada. However, among the many dealerships that claim the same things, how do you pick the best one? Here are some factors to consider before striking a dealership deal.

  • Location and Proximity

Choose a dealer closest to your home. Take advantage of not having to drive a few miles to get to a dealership. Usually, a purchase transaction takes a few tries before actually getting the best deal. It is strategic to choose within proximity to save time and effort in going back and forth.

Staying close to the dealership is also a significant move if more interactions are needed after the purchase. Even if you’ve chosen the best RV, it will inevitably have an issue or two sometime after. If you choose the dealership closest to you, it won’t be a challenge to drive to the shop to have it repaired. 

  • Service Shop

It’s always a great deal to choose a dealership that has its service department. It’s even better if they offer routine maintenance as well as major repairs. If the time comes that your RV encounters an issue, it will be easier to get it fixed since you won’t have to look for another shop to take it to.

An excellent service shop should also provide other supplies and parts needed to repair the RV. It can also be helpful if you ever decide on doing the maintenance and repairs yourself. A dealership’s service shop should have roof conditioners, anti-freeze, and other materials needed for a routine check.

However, before settling on a dealership equipped with their service department, make sure to read about their service online. Scanning through reviews of other people who have been there should give you an idea if they provide good service or not—another aspect to look into. 

  • Warranty Work

Nothing is more frustrating than finding out your dealership doesn’t conduct warranty work on recently purchased vehicles. Some dealerships will only perform warranty work on cars purchased at that specific dealership and not anywhere else. Before buying an RV, make sure that you can discuss issues under warranty at the same dealership if something happens in the future.

If you’re planning to get an extended warranty for your vehicle, make sure that the dealership you’re getting the car from will honour the contract in case there are needed repairs on the car. Some dealerships lower or waive the deductible on your extended warranty if you have the work performed in the service department.

  • Inventory From Various Manufacturers

Sometimes, choosing the best RV comes with the manufacturer’s name. Therefore, it’s essential that the dealership you choose carries various manufacturers to provide you more options. Limiting yourself to only one manufacturer will determine your chance to compare builds and quality among multiple brands.

It’s also vital to choose a dealership that carries parts from various manufacturers. If something gets broken, repairs can easily be made instead of waiting for parts that take too long to order and arrive. A diversity of manufacturers in a dealership should help. 

  • Financing

Purchasing a brand new RV can get a bit expensive. For those who want to buy their first RV but do not have a tremendous amount of cash on hand, financing should be a helpful tool to aid your purchase. Dealerships that accept third-party financing are great since they allow potential buyers to have more options to pay for their vehicles.


Getting your hands on your RV can get too exciting. However, the process to acquire it should be safe and well-researched to avoid issues that may arise in the future. Choose a dealership that gives you the best value for your money.

Canada Powersports Financing offers financing options to people wanting to buy an RV for the summer. Choose the RV that fits your needs now and apply for guaranteed RV financing assistance on our website today.

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