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Your Guide to the Best Boat Brands in Canada

Oct 5, 2023 | Boat Loans

You’ve toiled hard enough in the last few years, and you feel it’s time to reward yourself with a boat to explore Canada’s picturesque waterways. However, with the numerous brands available on the market, you’re at a loss for what to buy. 

With years of experience offering boat finance in Canada, Canada Powersports Financing has loads of knowledge on boats. In this post, we share some of the best boat brands in Canada for your inspiration. 


This Canadian boat brand prides itself on offering a wide selection of recreational boats. Whether you want a deck boat, bowrider, or cruiser, you’ll certainly find something that suits your needs and preferences. 

Each of the brand’s offerings comes with modern features and technology to ensure you have a safe and exhilarating boating experience. Many recreational boaters prefer Bayline because it offers affordable vessels without sacrificing reliability. 


Campion started manufacturing boats in the 1970s. For all those years, the brand has never fallen short of building high-quality boats that are the epitome of innovation, design, and performance. 

This boat manufacturer offers a diverse range of models, ranging from bowriders to cruisers, to cater to various needs and budgets. If you want a boat with exceptional handling and durability and can effortlessly navigate Canadian waters, you can’t go wrong with a Campion. 


You can hardly talk about the best boat brands in Canada without mentioning Yamaha. This brand holds a reputation for manufacturing premium quality boats and personal watercraft. 

Its diverse range of models includes sports boats, fishing boats, and PWCs. If you want a good balance between practicality and high performance, go for a Yamaha boat!


Grady-White is a popular fishing boat brand the world over. Its boats can withstand the most challenging conditions, so don’t look anywhere else if you’re a  serious angler. The company caters to the needs of all fishing enthusiasts with a wide selection of models, including center and dual-console boats. 

Boston Whaler

Boston Whaler boats are known for their remarkable quality and durability. This company builds its boats to withstand the harshest conditions. This makes them an excellent choice for serious boaters.

Whether you want a fishing boat, a pleasure craft, or any other kind of vessel, you can count on Boston Whaler to exceed your expectations. These boasts come with hi-tech features to ensure a smooth and exciting boating experience


If you’re a water sports enthusiast looking for a high-performance watercraft, Chaparral has your back. This Canadian boat manufacturer has something for everyone with its extensive lineup that includes wakeboard boats, cruisers, and bowriders. 

Chaparral boats exude quality and innovation, making them perfect for anyone seeking a thrilling yet safe boating experience. 

Get Flexible Boat Financing in Canada

Once you pick your choice from the best boat brands in Canada, Canada Powersports Financing can help you fund the purchase with the market’s most flexible terms. We also finance luxurious boats and can even help you with buying a used boat regardless of your credit score. Call us at (343) 308-1880 to get started today!

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