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Best RVs Under $50,000

Aug 14, 2022 | Blog, Buyer Guides

So, you’ve decided to purchase an RV but are unsure which model to get. Luckily, you are on the right page.

The Canadian RV market is vast, so there are plenty of recreational vehicles to choose from. They vary in size, sleeping space, and entertainment features. It pays to consider different factors when deciding which RV to get. 

This post will share some of the best RVs under 50k to help you choose the perfect one for your needs and budget. 

Best RVs Under $50,000 to Consider for Your Next Purchase 

Here are some of the best RVs under $50,000 with an excellent set of features to satisfy multiple needs:

1. Highland Ridge Open Range 

If you are into luxury RVs but don’t want to spend a fortune on your next vehicle, the Highland Ridge Open Range might be the perfect option. It has enough features to make your trip comfortable and memorable. From different floor plans to hardwood cabinet doors, frameless windows, and kitchen TV, this RV checks all boxes in terms of entertainment and functionality. 

2. Forest River Cedar Creek 

If you are looking for a travel trailer from a reliable RV manufacturer, you can’t go wrong with the Forest River Cedar Creek. It is one of the best RVs under $50,000 for multiple reasons. With a 42 feet long floor plan, this RV can accommodate up to six people, making this vehicle one of the few quality ones suitable for full-time living. 

3. Crossroads Cruiser 

The Crossroads Cruiser offers numerous features and options. You can expect the best from this RV, from a queen-sized bed to a complete entertainment centre. In addition, it is a durable and long-lasting vehicle (with stainless steel materials) and can sleep up to nine people, depending on the model you get.

Another great thing about this RV is the spacious kitchen. If you love travelling with your family, this is a significant advantage, considering you can all sit together and eat your favourite meals. 

4. Palomino Puma 

Palomino is also a reliable RV brand, and Puma is one of their most popular models. One of the greatest benefits of this model is that it is lightweight, making it easy and simple to tow. If you are someone who loves to travel often, this will make your adventures more stress-free. 

You can select from five floor plans with a sleeping capacity of up to ten people, perfect for a big family or friends travelling together. Besides its towing capacity, this is one of the safest RVs on the market. It has a leak detector, carbon monoxide detector, and a fire extinguisher.

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