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How to Break in a New Dirt Bike

May 20, 2023 | Dirt Bike

As one of the most popular providers of Canada’s dirt bike financing assistance, our experts at Canada Powersports Financing answer many inquiries about stroke engines, heat cycles, and conquering the great outdoors from people of all ages. Among the most prevalent ones we answer is how to break in a new dirt bike without voiding manufacturer warranties and insurance restrictions. We are proud to be a reliable source of information for adventurers as we earn dozens of five-star reviews online and offline almost monthly.

Dirt bikes are famous for wading high waters, mountain trails, and expansive deserts without trouble. Japanese models are well-known for fuel economy and reliability, while American companies craft torquey engines that can make even the most experienced hearts race. Manufacturers design dirt bikes to accommodate mud stains and scratches like nobody’s business, but what about new owners who want to keep their new investments looking brand-new?

Our experts will explain the functionality of the different components of a dirt bike engine in this explainer and outline how to break them in without causing structural or cosmetic damage.

Learning About Your Break-In Period

Your break-in period refers to the time your motorcycle engine parts require to wear down and provide optimal performance. Fresh from the factory, your oil filter, gaskets, rods, cranks, and carburetors will need time to rub against each other and settle into optimal shapes, which engineers plan for in advance.

Traditionally, road-going motorcycles have a break-in period between 500 to 1000 miles. Dirt bikes are a bit different. Manufacturers don’t expect people to take them out on the open road, and they spend their lives riding smaller distances across gravel, sand, and river crossings.

The best way to learn how to break in a new dirt bike is by revisiting the factory manual. However, most models have two or four-stroke engines with identical break-in procedures. These engines are popular among ATVs, too.

Your Dirt Bike Heat Cycles

Breaking in most dirt bikes means putting them through two or three heat cycles. Their wheels must not meet resistance from the ground.

Start a heat cycle by turning on your engine and letting it idle for ten minutes. Rev it two to three times, then turn it off and let it cool until it returns to room temperature for 20 to 30 minutes.

A few manufacturers want buyers to drive their dirt bikes down the road during their second cycle. Some want drivers to ride in adventure mode during the third cycle. Some enthusiasts say revving a dirt bike hard off the showroom is good enough for break-in.

Our experts believe reading your manufacturer manual is always your best bet.

Contact a Professional Today

Looking for more reasons to buy a dirt bike? Call Canada Powersports Financing at (844) 531-0138 and ask a professional for tips on what models to get. We can also explain over the phone how to break in a new dirt bike once you successfully get financing.

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