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Can a Canadian Buy a Boat in the US? 

Sep 5, 2023 | Blog

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Many Canadians dream of owning a boat. However, not everyone finds a Canadian broker, manufacturer, or previous owner with just the vessel they want at a price they can afford. As such, some aspiring boat owners end up importing boats from various counties.  

As providers of comprehensive boat financing, we understand the Canadian boat market and have what it takes to answer the question: Can a Canadian buy a boat in the US?  

At Canada Powersports Financing, we take pride in offering boat financing to all Canadians regardless of their credit score. You can use our financing to buy a used boat in a private purchase or get a new one from a dealer.  

Importing a Boat From the United States  

If you purchase a boat from the US, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the process involved before getting bringing the boat into Canada. Understanding the process or hiring a certified broker can save you from potential issues and headaches when bringing the vessel across the border.   

Importing a Boat From the USA  

Make sure you have all the paperwork in order before planning to import the boat into Canada. Prepare ahead of time to avoid making paperwork errors or overlooking something you may need that may delay the process or cause a problem.  

You’ll need a bill of sale when importing the boat, so you want to make sure you have evidence from the broker or dealer to ensure nothing goes wrong. You’ll also need to have your Canadian identification to prove your citizenship.  

So, can a Canadian buy a boat in the US? The short answer is yes. When importation day arrives, you’ll also have a few steps to take depending on whether you’re transporting the boat by water or land.  

If you’re transporting the boat by water, you’ll need to stop at one of the designated ports on your way for customs officials to inspect your paperwork and ensure everything is correct.  

If travelling by land, Canadian customs officers at the border will confirm everything before allowing the boat into the country. Either way, you’ll also need to pay any appropriate tax or duty owed (amounts will vary depending on various factors.)  


Once your boat crosses the Canadian border, you’ll want to look into the licensing or registration process so you can legally use your vessel on Canadian waters. Contact Transport Canada or seek professional help to determine the paperwork needed to register your vessel.  

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When you need boat financing, count on Canada Powersports Financing for the best approval rates. With boat financing options for those with good, bad, and no credit, we remove the frustration and delay from the application process.  

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