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6 Useful Tips to Remember When Buying a Travel Trailer or RV

May 30, 2022 | Blog, Buyer Guides

Now that pandemic restrictions are normalizing, we can begin travelling again. However, there are still a lot of travel restrictions abroad, so why not venture into local destinations to appeal to the wanderlust in you, while keeping your family safe?

Land travel is a great way to explore the outdoors and spend your vacation on wheels. Are you thinking about owning a travel trailer or an RV but worried about breaking the bank? The RV purchasing process is complicated, but knowing what to do can save you thousands of dollars.

Here are six useful tips to remember when buying a travel trailer or RV:

1. Know the Benefits of Buying a Used RV

The ideal way to find a travel trailer or RV is to purchase a used one because it will cost 20 percent to 50 percent less than a new model. Most of them were traded in because of an upgrade so that means you’ll still get a good buy within your budget. However, before you buy one, make sure that it is in good condition and has low mileage.

2. Find Out If It Is Certified in Canada

You can check with your local DMV or Transport Canada to get their records for the last three years. You can also find out if there are any known issues with the seller. Moreover, RVs are sold with a Manufacturer’s Statement of Origin (MSO) to certify its authenticity.

The MSO is the document that guarantees the new manufacture of the vehicle. It is only issued when all prior outstanding liens, claims, and encumbrances are satisfied. Before you buy an RV, make sure that it is certified.

3. Find a Good RV Dealer

The big manufacturers will offer a limited selection of units but will likely provide better options and add-ons and may have better financing. You’re going to find the best deals on used RVs in small dealerships. They keep them in storage until they get a buyer, so they’re not up on the lot exposed to the elements.

Local dealerships will be cheaper than the big factory dealerships because they don’t have to recoup their cost from the extensive factory dealership they’re buying from.

4. Ask for the Used RV History Report

The report will give you information about the history of the RV, such as the previous owners, mileage, engine and transmission information, and more. You can request the report from the seller or find it online. Talk to other people who have used the unit, or search for online reviews and videos to know about problems people have encountered with the manufacturer.

5. Get an Inspection on the Used RV

The inspection is another way to ensure that you have bought a good RV. You can have your RV inspected by a professional or do it yourself with an RV inspection checklist you can find online.

If you’re still not sure if the RV is suitable for your use, you can ask the seller to let you take it out for a test drive. However, keep in mind that the seller is under no obligation to let you take the RV for a test drive.

6. The Best Timing

Timing is crucial to getting the best deal on a travel trailer. For example, there are several reasons why there are great deals available in the spring. For starters, manufacturers try to clear out the previous year’s inventory (especially their slow sellers) to make room for the newest models.

Secondly, they’ll sell off their remaining inventory at clearance prices in the late summer to make room for the new stock they’re bringing in for the next season. This is why you need to watch out for market prices and shop at opportune times.


By knowing what you want in an RV and the features you want, you’ll find what you want and need. You’ll find the best deals by choosing the model year and features carefully and using the tips above to help you get that model at the right price.

Picking the right colour can make your RV stand out, and it can help you get a discount, too! The suitable model will depend on what you want to use your RV for, so you want to ensure that you’re getting everything you want out of it.

If you need guaranteed RV financing, Canada Powersports Financing has you covered! We also provide great options for other sporting vehicles, such as ATVs, boats, and snowmobiles, all at reasonable prices and periods. Simply visit our website to find out more! 

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