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Buying a Used Motorcycle: A Short Guide

Jan 5, 2023 | Buyer Guides

Are you looking to buy a used motorcycle? Buying a used motorcycle can seem intimidating, whether it’s your first bike or an upgrade from your current ride. However, with the correct information and advice,  you can be confident when selecting and buying the perfect used motorcycle for your needs. 

In this blog post, Canada Powersports Financing, a trusted motorcycle financing services provider, will take you through the key things you need to find a reliable bike at the best price possible. 

Searching For The Right Bike

The first step to buying a used motorcycle is looking around at the market. You must take your time during this process to avoid making mistakes. You should also be realistic about what motorcycle suits your needs the best. 

If you’re new to motorcycles, starting with a small engine not exceeding 400cc is advisable. You can upgrade to a bigger bike as you gain experience. Budget is another important consideration when searching for a motorcycle. 

With a $500 budget, you may not get a bike in good condition. However, you can get a reliable one for at least $1,500. 

Checking Out The Bike

Taking a trusted friend with you is advisable when checking the bike out. Even if the friend knows nothing about bikes, they can help you handle the bike for inspection and catch some defects you may miss. 

Take your time to inspect the bike. Differentiating between a bike that has received a quick cleaning simply for sale and a well-maintained one is relatively easy. A proper bike enthusiast will take the time to clean all the tight spots, keeping their machine in showroom-like condition. 

Conversely, a quick cleaner will likely forget those hard-to-reach areas where dirt accumulates. You should use a flashlight for a more detailed inspection. Ask the seller not to start the motorcycle before you arrive because a warm bike won’t show a starting problem. 

Asking the following questions will also help you make an informed decision: 

  • Why are you selling the motorcycle?
  • Does the bike have any issues?
  • Have you made any modifications?
  • How have you been using it?
  • Where do you service the bike?
  • When did you last service it?
  • Have you ever crashed the bike?

Walkaway Issues

It’s advisable not to buy a bike with the following issues:

  • No Documents: The frame and serial numbers on the motorcycle should match those on the documents. Avoid buying a used motorcycle with no documents. 
  • Does Not Start: If the bike doesn’t start, don’t assume it only needs gas or a new battery. It may have other serious issues. 
  • Dirty Bike: If someone doesn’t care about cleaning a motorcycle they want to sell, chances are they never took good care of it. 

Safety Check

After buying your bike, let a reputable motorcycle mechanic inspect it to ensure safety. 

Get Dirt Bike Financing

Now that you know what to do before buying a used motorcycle, if you need dirt bike financing, Canada Powersports Financing can help. We are Canada’s leading dirt bike financing specialists. Contact us at (844) 531-0138 today to get started.

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