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Quick and Easy Buying Guide for Used ATVs

Jul 3, 2021 | Blog, Buyer Guides

If you’re one of the many people who dream of having their own ATV, then you have two very real options to choose from. First, you can buy a brand new one and apply for an ATV financing loan, similar to getting a car loan. Second, you can look for a seller of second-hand ATV if you want to save some money instead of getting a new one. In fact, buying a used ATV can save you thousands over the price of a new model. However, all that money you saved is only worth the trouble if the entire rig checks out. Here are some essential tips you need to know to make sure you’re buying a used ATV that actually works.

Look for Local ATV Dealers

It’s not that hard to find someone selling a used ATV, but finding a seller who you can trust or someone who won’t scam you can be a challenge. You can start by checking out some of the local ATV dealers in your area. Look for a dealer with experience or someone who’s established a good reputation as a local dealer of quality ATVs.

Flush Out a Deceptive Seller

We don’t live in a perfect world. There will always be someone who’s out to scam you or sell you a defective product. You need to be careful and flush out these deceptive dealers by asking them some probing questions. It’s quite important to know how long have they owned the machine and why they are selling it. Observe how he gives his answers, as it might reveal some questionable information. Maybe the owner has a detailed list of service notes they can share with you, which you can look at to have an idea of what the ATV has gone through.

Check the Engine Oil

An ATV with dirty engine oil isn’t necessarily a deal-breaker, but it should be a valid concern. When oil breaks down and starts to lose its effective lubricity and cooling properties, it can affect the metal parts around it, wearing them out quickly. Pull out the dipstick and have a look at what you’re dealing with.

On the other hand, having very clean engine oil in an old machine is something to be concerned about. This could mean that the owner has flushed out any potential issues. Also, if the engine has an oil filter, try to look for it as well to see if it has been changed recently. Either way can go bad, which is why you need to probe some more and look at the overall state of the machine. 

Watch for Low or Dirty Coolant

ATV engines go through a lot of wear and tear during years of use. For that very reason, you need to ask the seller to see the coolant of the ATV you’re planning to buy. Similar to checking the oil, you need to see if the coolant is clean and if it has that consistent green or orange colour. If you see any particles in the coolant or if it looks oily, that could be a sign of potential problems. 


Owning an ATV is perhaps one of the best feelings anyone could ever ask for, especially if you were able to buy a used one for a good deal. While used machines offer great value, you need to be quite vigilant about the machine’s condition before making a purchase.

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