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What to Consider When Buying Dirt Bike, ATV, or UTV Parts in Canada

Apr 5, 2022 | Blog

If you are looking for more than just a simple machine for your outdoor adventures, this is the right time to get better acquainted with the ATV, UTV, and dirt bike world. They are made for more than just having a good time in the mud with the boys, they can also help you get more out of life. The last thing you want to do is make a poor investment.

The market offers a wide range of models and you may be tempted to go for the latest and most expensive models because they impress your friends and look stunning. However, you should pay more attention to the specific features that appeal to you, how much you can pay for such models, and how you plan to use them.

What to Consider Before Buying ATV, UTV, or Dirt Bike Parts

When you are thinking of buying an ATV, UTV or dirt bike parts, you need to understand that the market offers different models. While the purpose of all these vehicles is the same, they have different features that appeal to different consumers.

In this guide, we will look at some of the most significant features of these vehicles and the aspects which you should pay attention to when buying the right model for you.

Factor #1: Used or New?

When it comes to buying parts for your build, you have the option to go for new or used components. The price difference is significant, but you also need to consider whether you are going to make good use of a new model or if you should rather find a cheaper model in a used condition.

If you plan to build a clone vehicle, a new model is the best option. There are many options on the market and you can select the most attractive model. However, if you just want to make a few improvements, buying used parts will cost you less.

Factor #2: Price 

It is not enough to know that you can save money when buying used parts: you also need to know how much you can save and what you are giving up in return. You should realize that a used part is much less expensive than a new one, but if it is also coming from a very old model, you should think twice before buying it. If a part is too old, it may have other issues that you need to factor in before buying.

In addition, you should pay attention to the original price of a new part and not the price of the cheapest product on the market. A better product will last longer, so you should factor in the price of buying a cheaper model five times instead of buying a good model once.

Factor #3: Brand 

If you are buying a new part, you need to know the history of the brand. No matter how good the company is and how strong its reputation is, it is impossible to know how good every model is.

Most manufacturers produce a few different models and while they are in general capable, some models are better than others. Skipping the brand choice is a big mistake that may lead to a cheap but useless part. 

The best way to avoid such mistakes is to read some reviews and see what other users think about the model. If you cannot find any reviews, you should look for a different brand.

Factor #4: Compatibility

You may see a part that you really like, but if it is made for a different model, you should probably think twice before buying it. You are building your vehicle, it is your baby, and you want to make sure that you are getting the best parts for it.

You need to make sure that the part you want to buy is compatible with your vehicle. This is especially important when it comes to the frame, engine parts and components that are directly connected to the motor.

The Bottom Line: Building Your Dream UTV, ATV, or Dirt Bike with the Right Parts

When you are looking for ATV, UTV or dirt bike parts, remember that you are building your dream and you need the right parts to make it come true. Even if you are not a professional at building racing vehicles, you should pay attention to the smallest details to avoid making a mistake and save as much money as possible in the process.

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