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The Best Dirt Bike Brands of 2023

Apr 20, 2023 | Buyer Guides

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With so many dirt bike brands on the market, finding the best one for you in 2023 can seem challenging. Fortunately, with some research and clear goals, you can find a good dirt bike that offers everything you need. Below, Canada’s dirt bike financing specialist at Canada Powersports Financing explains what you need to know about the top dirt bike options for 2023.

Continue reading to learn more about various brands and what they offer.

What Is a Dirt Bike?

Classified as an off-road vehicle, a dirt bike is a motorcycle with a specific build for better control on off-road surfaces. Dirt bikes have more suspension, unique geometry, and a differently-tuned engine. Multiple types of dirt bikes exist, including:

  • Motocross bikes
  • Enduro bikes
  • Dual-sport motorcycles

Various dirt bike riders have different preferences, depending on their style of riding, preferred terrain, and what they require from their bikes. When exploring your dirt bike options, it’s essential to consider the top motorcycle manufacturing companies. Below are the top dirt bike brands for 2023.


The Japanese vehicle brand has made dirt bikes since the late 1960s. One of the most reliable dirt bike brands available, Honda regularly tops the chart for dirt bike sales. Some of the best Honda dirt bikes include:

  • 2023 Honda CRF450R
  • 2023 Honda CRF450RWE
  • 2023 Honda CRF450RX


While Suzuki has fewer dirt bikes available than before, a Suzuki dirt bike proves to be high quality. The Suzuki brand has one of the best bikes for motocross racing, with power curves and stiff suspension. However, this makes them harder to control and more challenging for beginner off-roading.


Yamaha has remained a trusted dirt bike brand since 1968. It created the first dual-sport bikes for on and off-highway riding and has some of the best dirt bike options at an affordable price. The four main types of Yamaha dirt bikes available include:

  • Dual sport bikes
  • motocross bikes
  • Trail bikes
  • Enduro bikes

If you’re a beginner, consider starting with a slower, less powerful option. You’ll learn to control it much easier, and it proves a much safer option.


KTM creates a wide variety of dirt bike options, most of which require some knowledge and experience to adequately control. However, those searching for a great motocross or enduro bike can look to this brand.

These bikes offer exceptional power-to-weight ratio and provide stiff suspension and high speeds. KTM has topped the charts for several years and focuses on creating quality dirt bikes.

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