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Electric Dirt Bike: Is It Better Than Gas Dirt Bike?

Jan 20, 2023 | Blog

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Deciding between buying a gas or electric dirt bike can take time and effort. At first glance, there may not seem like a lot of differences. However, some key factors separate battery-powered dirt bikes from their gas-fueled counterparts. 

This guide explores both types of dirt bikes in depth to help you decide if electric dirtbikes are better than gas-powered ones. We’ll also explore how dirt bike financing services in Canada can help you obtain the dirt bike of your dreams. 

The Differences Between Electric and Gas Dirt Bikes

Of course, fuel sources are the primary difference between an electric and gas-powered dirt bike. Generally, electric dirt bikes use lithium-ion batteries. Conversely, gas dirt bikes power themselves with two or four-stroke engines.  

This difference in power sources affects factors like performance, cost, and overall ride experience: 


Your traditional full-size gas-powered dirt bike will reach much higher speeds than an electric dirt bike. For example, many gas dirt bikes can reach speeds up to 60 miles per hour (mph). Meanwhile, your typical electric dirt bike tops out at 20 mph. 

However, this difference in speed can depend on the make and model. For instance, electric dirt bikes can go much faster than 20 mph. Some models can even reach up to 80 mph on a single charge. 

Still, most electric dirt bikes can’t rival the performance of gas-powered bikes, especially if you’re planning on hitting rough trails or doing some off-road riding. 

The drawback of using a gas-powered engine is the noise. Gas dirt bikes are much louder due to their internal combustion engines. For some buyers, this may be fine; however, an electric dirt bike might be the better alternative for residents worried about noise ordinances, waking up their neighbours, or specific nature trails. 

While electric dirt bikes aren’t entirely silent, they’re much quieter than traditional gas-powered ones. 

Both electric and gas-powered dirt bikes usually have different riding modes, such as city and sports modes. These riding modes, however, can depend upon the model. 

Overall Cost

Initially, an electric dirt bike is more expensive than a gas-powered one. Certain makes and models can even double the cost of a gas dirt bike. 

However, electric dirt bikes are much cheaper to maintain than gas dirt bikes. Electric dirt bikes don’t have components like carburetors or oil tanks. Of course, you also won’t need to pay for gas. 

You will need to regularly charge your bike’s batteries (usually takes two to six hours). However, many people find this a fair trade-off versus paying for gas. 

With the proper maintenance, you can expect your dirt bike’s battery to last between three to five years. Finding swappable batteries is also a straightforward process. 

Other Factors 

Many people choose electric dirt bikes for these reasons: 

  • They’re better for the environment because they don’t produce harmful emissions. 
  • Their lightweight frames mean they’re safer, especially for children. 
  • Their easier maintenance makes them better for first-time dirt bike users. 

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