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2 Factors To Consider Before Going Out Snowmobiling

Oct 4, 2021 | Blog

Many Canadians look forward to snowmobiling this winter simply because it is an easy way to stay socially distanced while still getting out of the house for some fun. As such, many dealers selling snowmobiles and related accessories have experienced massive boosts in sales as people are hunting for new and used snowmobiles and more to maximize their winter adventure.

That being said, snowmobiling by nature forces you to traverse to remote areas for the lushest of snow. Unfortunately, this comes with its fair share of risks, and not being careful can quickly turn what is supposed to be a fun activity into a nightmare. As such, to ensure that you and your friends and family have nothing but fun throughout the experience, here are the factors to consider:

1. The Location

An essential factor to consider is the location you want to be taking your snowmobiles to. However, it is less about where you can drive the snowmobile and more about where you cannot drive it.

Generally, snowmobiles aren’t allowed on the road except to access crown land, trails, and the likes. There are cases where you can drive a snowmobile between the shoulder of the road and the fence line, but you will need to reach out to the municipality for confirmation. Now, when it comes to riding on any trail, you will need a permit from the trail organization or the riding club to ride on it. Any fees you pay for the permit will go straight to upkeeping the trail to keep it snowmobile-friendly. 

Apart from a permit to ride on the trail, you will also need to obtain a license to ride on anything that isn’t counted as private property. At age 12 or more, the Motorized Snow Vehicle Operator’s license can be obtained. This allows you to ride on trails, crown land, and such. Remember that this isn’t a permit to drive on public roads, so don’t try to even with the license.

2. The Snowmobile

Apart from knowing where you can and cannot ride a snowmobile, picking the right snowmobile for the job is also vital to your riding experience.

When choosing a snowmobile, a vital factor to consider is your budget. You shouldn’t overspend on a snowmobile that you do not need, and a budget will help you avoid that issue. Keep in mind, however, that the budget shouldn’t only cover the snowmobile. It should also cover other costs like insurance, maintenance, licensing, and the like. Even other things like equipment such as helmets, boots, suits, and gloves must be considered when setting a budget. This is because all these factors add to the overall cost of the snowmobile adventure, and you must be careful not to spend more than you’re comfortable with.


Consider these two factors carefully before you head out on a snowmobile adventure. They will help you avoid unnecessary issues and problems that can easily ruin your snowmobiling experience and ensure that you can go out there and maximize the fun there is to be had. That said, if you are running into issues paying for your snowmobile, remind yourself that such machines can be financed! Many financiers out there offer snowmobile financing and more to ensure you get the vehicle you need to finally get out of the home and enjoy what the winter and nature have to offer!

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