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A Beginner’s FAQ Guide to Dirtbikes and Riding Them

Apr 26, 2022 | Blog

It’s one thing to think about riding off-road as a beginner, but quite another to actually do it. But, as everyone says, learning to ride an off-road bike will increase your riding abilities and confidence. The process, perhaps, could be an easy one once you learn about it.

Read on to discover more from this beginner’s guide to dirt bikes and dirt biking.

FAQ: Do I need a license?

Off-road riding does not require a motorcycle or a driver’s license. It is possible for anyone, including youngsters, to perform it. While some youngsters start riding as soon as they can walk, it is never too late to start.

FAQ: Do I need my own dirt bike?

No. There are off-road schools all around the country that will supply you with a motorcycle and the necessary riding gear.

FAQ: How do I begin? 

Off-road schools are a great place to start. They enable you to try dirt biking without purchasing any equipment or a bike.

A trusted dirtbike school can provide you with a great tutor and give you access to trail locations you can freely explore. Then, you will also be able to “borrow” a dirtbike that is already insured and registered. The costs for these dirt biking courses will also depend on your level.

FAQ: What happens next?

Once you’re ready to go on trails outside of your school, you can go on organized trail rides with a group. These are typically arranged by local rider associations. They are non-competitive and provide opportunities for persons of all talents. These activities necessitate the use of protective apparel as well as a motorcycle. Because they are all off-road, they are usually appropriate for youngsters and teenagers.

FAQ: What is it like to ride a real dirt bike?

Dirt bikes are capable of transporting you to any accessible destination once you’ve acquired the art of riding them properly. There are some models that are gentle, meanwhile, others are on the rough side and can push speed like a supercar. Riding a dirt bike also depends on your preference and the gear that will accompany your taste.

There are two categories: off-road and street dirt biking. As you begin, you must consider using a chest protector, a helmet, knee/shin pads, elbow guards, and a neck brace. In addition, a hydration pack would be useful.

FAQ: Is there a height requirement? 

No, there isn’t. There’s a common misconception that only tall people can ride bikes (and ride them properly). Fortunately, this isn’t the deal.

There are numerous bike models that cater to more petite riders, like the Trail Tours’ Honda CRF230F. The seat height is 34.6 inches, and the bike adjusts lower once a rider is on it. This is a great option for riders who don’t fit the “tall” criteria. 

Depending on the terrain, there are new models that can be lowered. However, such adjustments could alter geometry and clearance. It’s still important to be self-assured about your safety before purchasing your own dirt bike.

FAQ: What are common rookie mistakes?

That’s simple: Lack of confidence. Once you lack confidence, you will most likely perform poorly and forget everything you’ve learned. Trust yourself more!


More than the social status and the adrenaline rush, riding a dirtbike offers more. Perhaps it’s the community you will find yourself to be a part of. But before you get too excited, try learning at your best and see how you enjoy it. In case you do, know that the next steps you need to embrace will be laid out shortly after.

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