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Our Guide to Prepping for Off-Season Storage: What You Need to Know

Apr 13, 2022 | Blog

If you’ve recently gotten snowmobile financing and secured yourself a snowmobile, you’re probably thinking about how you can store your new machine now that we’re moving closer to the summer months.

Unfortunately, many snowmobile owners leave their snowmobile out when summer hits. This means that their snowmobile is parked unprotected from the elements, which could contribute to damage. With that, you may notice that the fuel hose may start to get harder, the material of fabrics may crack, and rust could even form.

To not put your snowmobile to waste and extend its life span, it’s important that you store your snowmobile correctly. With that being said, here are some expert tips to help store your snowmobile.

Tip #1: Use Fuel Stabilizers to Help Treat Your Snowmobile’s Fuel

If you plan to store your snowmobile for at least a couple of months, the first thing that you should consider is using a fuel stabilizer. Fuel stabilizers will help minimize and even eliminate any water from settling in your snowmobile’s fuel tank. Water could contaminate the fuel and cause it to freeze, which could cause the engine to stop working.

Tip #2: Coat Your Snowmobile’s Engine with Storage Fogging Oil

Repiping is a common issue that could occur in a snowmobile’s engine. If you plan to store your snowmobile for a couple of months, we recommend that you add fogging engine oil to the system. The fogging oil will help protect your engine from cold temperatures.

Tip #3: Ensure That You Grease the Chassis

Greasing the chassis will protect any wear and tear that could occur during the off season. If you want to avoid any wear and tear on your snowmobile, we recommend that you cover the machine with a weatherproof cover.

Tip #4: Choose the Right Storage Option

If you want to ensure that your snowmobile stays in good condition, you must choose the right storage option. One of the most common places that people store their snowmobile is in their garage. While this is a smart storage option, you must choose the right garage. Even if you have a small garage, we recommend that you choose a garage that has a heater, one that is temperature–controlled, and a garage that is kept dry.

The Bottom Line: Prepare Your Snowmobile for Storage, So It’s Ready for Next Winter

While you must choose the right storage option, we recommend that you take your snowmobile to a service center. The service center will be able to inspect your snowmobile and identify any issues that could arise. If you’re still unsure about storing your snowmobile, we recommend that you consult a professional.

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