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How to Ride a Jet Ski for Beginners

Jun 26, 2020 | Blog, Financing

If you’ve ever seen someone cruising across the water on a jet ski and wanted in on the action, now’s the perfect time! With summer in full swing and miles of Canadian water waiting to be explored, jet ski financing allows you to spend days on the water and bask in the beauty of Canadian summers.

However, we understand that saddling up on a jet ski for the first time might be a bit intimidating. Luckily, there’s no reason to worry! Jet skiing is something that everyone can pick up quickly, and we’re here to help you understand the basics so you can get on the water ASAP. 

Here at Canada Powersports Financing, we are proud to help Canadians find the best loans for jet skis and other powersport vehicles. Learn more about our jet ski financing today, and make sure you keep these simple tips in mind when learning how to ride a jet ski for the first time!

Keep Your Eyes Up

One of the most common things beginners struggle with when learning how to ride a jet ski is keeping the vehicle straight. This is usually due to the fact that their eyes are focused on the handlebars or bow of the jet ski. When this happens, you are more likely to move your handles without knowing it, causing you to veer of course and struggle with a smooth ride. Think about driving a car — you don’t watch the steering wheel, right? Jet skiing is no different. Make sure you keep your eyes on the open waters ahead of you so you can better control your jet ski.

Use Your Throttle

Always remember this when riding a jet ski — the throttle is your safety valve. This might seem contradictory at first, but the only way to steer the machine is by using the throttle. Many beginners struggle with this, as it is in our nature to slow down and take our hand off the throttle when trying to avoid something in our way. However, this will only prevent you from steering the machine to safety. Keep your speed up to allow you to safely avoid an obstacle in the way. 

Reboarding Your Jet Ski

For many first-time riders, falling off your jet ski is inevitable, so embrace it! A nice refreshing splash in the water can be just what you need to cool off on a hot day. When it’s time to get back on your jet ski, though, there are some things you should keep in mind. Always board from the back of the machine by reaching up to the seat and handlebars and pulling yourself up. This allows the machine to stay straight and sturdy. Boarding from the side, on the other hand, will likely result in a flipped jet ski, which can make the process incredibly tiring. After you get back on once, you’ll get the hang of things quickly!

Sit Down … For Now

Many experienced riders enjoy standing up on their jet ski as it gives some more freedom and ability to control the vehicle. However, if you try doing this as a beginner, you can easily lose control of your jet ski and create a dangerous situation for yourself and others on the water. As you’re learning how to drive, remain seated until you have a solid grasp on the nuances of turning and staying upright. Once you’ve mastered the basics, feel free to let your adventurous side out and hit some small wakes!


Many first-time jet skiers will likely find themselves squeezing the handlebars with a death grip once they get moving. This will only result in tired hands, sore shoulders, and less enjoyable experience. While jet skiing can be a subtle workout, you can also enjoy a leisurely day on the water by understanding the correct form. Relax your hands a bit and lean forward on your jet ski to establish your balance. This takes the pressure off your hands and allows you to utilize your legs and core as well.

Once you understand these basics, you have hours of fun in front of you! Jet skiing is the perfect combination of adventure and stress relief, and we can’t wait to help you experience it for yourself!

How to Ride a Jet Ski for Beginners - Canada Powersports FinancingAt Canada Powersports Financing, we partner with only the most experienced and trusted lenders across Canada. In doing so, you can lock in the best loans on jet skis from top brands in the industry, including Sea-Doo, Yamaha, and Kawasaki. We guarantee approval regardless of your credit situation, so get started today with your jet ski loan application!

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