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5 Misleading Misconceptions to Break About Dirt Bikes

Dec 27, 2021 | Blog, Financing

Everyone loves to sneak a bit of adrenaline into the weekends, with some almost addicted to the rush that they want to adventure to be a part of their every day. If you’re quite a bike fanatic, you may have just been recommended dirt bikes at least more than once. 

The idea of getting and driving a dirt bike is certainly tempting, but there are more than several myths that can really scare you from getting it. These hearsays can crush the appeal of dirt bikes, but it’s important to get the full picture of these special vehicles before reading the input of just one rider or two.

Here are some misleading misconceptions that you need to learn about dirt bikes:

1) Dirt Bike Financing Is Tough to Arrange

People don’t ever arrive at trying or even picking out a dirt bike because of the rumours that it can be difficult to finance such a vehicle. In all actuality, though, it can be pretty simple to seek out a loan that would allow you to get the dirt bike of your dreams.

Just seek out the ideal lender who will make it simple for you. Canada Powersports Financing makes the process easy by giving you a free quote no matter what type of credit you might have. Complete a deal in a matter of minutes, either online or in-person, to purchase a dirt bike.

2) Dirt Bikes Have No Use On the Road

Another dirt bike misconception is that they’re only good when it comes to driving in muddy areas and natural trails. However, its size and seat design actually allow the dirt bike to double as a regular motorcycle bike that can work well on the road.

Granted, you would need to change the tyres into something that’s better for the cold and cemented road. Once that’s all sorted out, though, you can have the perfect alternative automobile that would save you from the hassles of commuting.

3) Helmets Are Just Simply Harmful

Whoever spread the rumour that helmets are useless or even harmful may not understand the danger of such misinformation. Although there is some increased weight depending on the type of helmet that you get, statistics showcase how helmets lower the risk of neck and head injuries rather than increasing it. It’s even required under law for bikers to comply and wear a helmet.

4) Crashes Are Less Dangerous with the Bike Down

People riding a dirt bike may be advised to position the vehicle down before going through a crash as it lessens the blow. However, the opposite actually happens as you and the bike may continue to skid further, or even flip. Aim to slow down the bike instead if you’re aware of a potential collision, or just avoid circumstances that can result in a crash as much as possible.

5) Younger Drivers Are More Susceptible to Accidents

Generally speaking, every driver of just about any vehicle is susceptible to accidents. Just because you’re at a younger age doesn’t always mean that you’re prone to an accident. It’s best for bikers at each stage in their life to practice cautiousness and collect experience about how to ride their dirt bike or another vehicle of choice, no matter what landscape you’re on.


There truly are many misconceptions that just turn out to be false or exaggerated when you do your research and look into it further. Don’t allow the hearsays to stomp on your dream of becoming a dirt biker.

Trying to get dirt bike financing? Canada Powersports Financing has the financial power to get you moving, offering deals for ATVs, snowmobiles, RVs, dirt bikes, jet skis and more. Get in touch with us today!

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