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How Much Can You Negotiate on a New RV?

Jun 20, 2023 | RV Loans

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A good RV with all the amenities desired can often cost thousands of dollars. Despite dreams of hitting the lottery or stumbling upon a pile of cash, it’s important to be realistic and work with what you have. Still, we understand not wanting to miss out on a great deal at an RV show.

If there is room for it, you can try to bargain the price of your dream vehicle. But how much can you negotiate on a new RV before the door of opportunity closes? Read more for advice from Canada’s best RV financing specialists at Canada Powersports Financing.

The Art of Negotiation: Four Key Tips

Good negotiating helps you and your prospective seller get the most out of the interaction. You get to learn the traits of the RV you’re reviewing in detail to help you decide if it’s a good deal. In turn, the seller knows you’re serious about the RV opportunity and may be more willing to negotiate.

#1. Go In With Good Information

Some stores promise to match prices from other locations, and you can use a similar tactic here. Research the specs of your desired RV, costs, and recent loan interest rates to tell if you’re getting a great deal. You can then bring up other offers you’ve seen with a seller, which may prompt them to lower the price.

#2. Shop During the Off-Season

More buyers are looking for a good deal with new recreational travellers learning about and getting into RVs. By the rule of supply and demand, the lower the supply and higher the demand, the higher the prices. 

Instead of looking for your RV at peak times—between spring and early fall—check your options during the off-season. The lowered demand decreases the asking price from dealerships and knowledgeable private sellers.

#3. Set and Stick With Your Budget

Before wondering, “How much can you negotiate on a new RV,” you need to know how much you can spend. When you know your budget, you can make better decisions, even if it means giving up on a vehicle. Some dealerships even adjust the loan length or interest rate if they know how much you can pay.

#4. Have an Expert Inspect the Vehicle

Shiny chrome and clean wheels can disguise a problem under the hood, so never skip out on an inspection. An independent RV inspector doesn’t work for the seller, giving you an accurate and detailed vehicle review. If they note any problems with the RV, you can use that to negotiate the price.

Look For Your RV With Expert Help

“How much can you negotiate on a new RV?” “Is an RV loan considered a mortgage?” You don’t have to try answering these questions alone.

Our experts can help you navigate the exciting path to becoming the owner of an astounding new vehicle. Find the right seller and get a great price and loan rate by calling Canada Powersports Financing at (343) 307-4958 today!

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