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Our Guide to Snowmobiles

Sep 21, 2021 | Blog

If you live in an area that frequently experiences more than six inches of snow for several months, you may be thinking about purchasing a snowmobile. It is convenient for getting around when your cars can’t reach them. By owning a snowmobile, your winter horizons are no longer restricted to just your home and the main roads, as you can explore new terrains and go on an adventure yourself.

However, given the saturated snowmobile market, there are so many options to choose from that can be dizzying. However, by finding the ideal snowmobile for you, you can start looking into snowmobile loans to make sure you make your dream of owning the vehicle come true. Here are the different types of snowmobiles to help you settle on the model that fits your needs best:

Entry Level or Trail Snowmobile

If this is your first time purchasing a snowmobile, you may want to consider an entry-level or trail snowmobile. It is a snowmobile with low horsepower, around 60 to 70. It is effortless to use, making it beginner-friendly. It is simple to maneuver and has an electric start and reverse, removing the need to fuss with the ignition.

Performance or Race Snowmobile

As implied in the name, a performance or race snowmobile is built to be solid and robust. It has more than 85 horsepower, and the pure race models boast a whopping 150 horsepower. With this kind of snowmobile, you’ll enjoy an upgraded suspension and shock absorbers, giving you a much smoother and faster ride.

Mountain Snowmobile

This kind of snowmobile is designed to take you through rough, steep terrain, making them narrower and longer than your average snowmobile. Although you wouldn’t take a mountain snowmobile to race on a frozen lake, you’ll enjoy its high horsepower engine, which will do a great job of combatting the high altitude’s effects on your vehicle. It also comes with deep lugs on its tracks to help you make your way through powder.

Touring Snowmobile

Unlike other snowmobiles, touring snowmobiles have two seats, which means you can take someone else with you on your adventures. These vehicles have mirrors and a larger windscreen, perfect for enjoying the scenery around you as you tour winter wonderlands around Canada. Touring snowmobiles provide the best in comfort, shown in their longer track length, giving you a smoother feel wherever you go.

Utilitarian Snowmobile

If you frequently need to transport items during winter, then the utilitarian snowmobile is the perfect one for you. It is longer, wider, and heavier than other snowmobiles, giving it the structure and power it needs to bring objects of various sizes around. The utilitarian snowmobile is widely regarded as the brawn of snowmobiles, making it perfect for lugging your heavy equipment around.

Crossover or Hybrid Snowmobile 

If you still aren’t sure about the kind of snowmobile you want and you want a bit of everything, consider buying a crossover or hybrid snowmobile. It is like a trail model that you can take into the forest and hills to explore, removing the limits posed by other models.

Looking for Snowmobile Financing?

Buying a brand new snowmobile comes with many perks, such as a warranty, which means you can bring your vehicle to your dealer if any issue arises. However, not everyone can afford the total cost, so you may be wondering about financing options you could try.

The good news is that many snowmobile loans can help you offset the cost. By getting a loan, you can get the exact snowmobile you want without putting a significant dent in your finances.

Canada Powersports Financing has the financial power to get you moving. With our snowmobile financing, along with loans available for other vehicles like ATVs, RVs, jet skis, boats, and more, you can achieve your dream of owning a snowmobile. Apply online now!

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