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5 Benefits of Financing a Powersport Vehicle

Purchasing a new vehicle can be an intimidating ordeal. From sleazy sales associates to uncertain loan processes and so much more, what should be an exciting time often becomes something people avoid.

Here at Canada Powersports Financing, it’s our goal to give you someone to trust throughout the process. We understand how infuriating new vehicle purchases can be, and we want to help simplify the process so you can actually be excited about your new purchase. Keep reading to learn about five reasons to finance a powersport vehicle, then get started with your loan application.

no more waitingNo More Waiting

If you’ve ever had to save up money for a large purchase, you know just how difficult it can be. From making sacrifices in other parts of your budget to waiting months and even years before making the purchase, the entire process can be incredibly stressful. Financing, on the other hand, allows you to have quick ownership without having to save up one lump some of cash. Not only does this make owning a powersport vehicle more affordable, it also allows you to take advantage of your new toy immediately!

credit flexibilityCredit Flexibility

When it comes to financial planning, nobody is perfect. At Canada Powersports Financing, though, we believe that everyone deserves a second chance, and that’s why we work with applicants of various credit histories to find the best loans possible. Whether you have a sparkling credit history and have never missed a payment or you’re recovering from poor credit, we guarantee loan approval. Having established relationships with some of the most trusted lenders throughout the country, we’re able to find powersport loans for each and every unique credit situation.

build creditBuild Credit

Speaking of credit, when you finance a powersport vehicle, you have the ability to build your credit history in the right direction. Building a sound credit report right now sets you up for important future decisions, including purchasing a house or investing into your business. With multiple low-interest options available depending on your credit history, you can begin building a sound credit history or continue boosting your already-great credit score with ease.


Some people consider leasing as an alternative when investigating new vehicle purchases. In essence, leasing a vehicle is to buying a vehicle as renting a house is to buying a house. While this may seem like a good idea in the short term, it actually limits you in the long run. In addition to monthly payments that could be higher based on the age of the vehicle, leasing also prevents you from actually owning the vehicle. This oftentimes limits your ability to use the vehicle to its full potential. As opposed to financing, which allows you to own the vehicle after making payments, leasing the vehicle means you have to return it to the dealership after the contract without anything to show for your payments.

financial freedomFinancial Freedom

All of this adds up to more financial freedom for you, the proud new owner of your favorite powersport vehicle. Without having to save up tens of thousands of dollars to buy a vehicle up front, you can live your life with greater financial flexibility on a month-to-month basis. Improving your credit score through financing further expands your financial opportunities by opening the door to other large-scale financing options down the road. Lastly, by owning a vehicle rather than “renting” one, you have the ability to sell it down the road or continue taking advantage of all the places it can take you (we recommend the latter).

When you’re ready to take the next step in fulfilling your dream of owning a powersport vehicle, let Canada Powersports Financing help you get there. From RVs to boats, snowmobiles to ATVs, we have experience in the powersport lending industry and are ready to help you experience the thrills that are waiting to be had.

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