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Do You Need to Register a Dirt Bike in Ontario?

Mar 20, 2023 | Blog

Do you need to register a dirt bike? The short answer is yes—you must register any off-road vehicle. The rules are similar for all off-road vehicles, including snowmobiles.  

In this post, Canada Powersports Financing, Canada’s dirt bike financing assistance specialists, explains in greater detail. 

Do You Need to Register a Dirt Bike? 

You must register any off-road vehicle at a service centre for the Ministry of Transportation in Ontario. The only exceptions to this rule are: 

  • Farm vehicles
  • Golf carts
  • Motorized wheelchairs
  • Road-building machines

Who Can Register a Dirt Bike? 

You have to be 12 years old to legally ride an off-road vehicle, but there are exceptions. However, you must be 16 or older to be able to register a dirt bike and also have to provide proof of ownership.  

What Do I Need to Register My Bike? 

The documents you need depend on whether the vehicle is new or used: 

  • New: Obtain a certificate of sale when you purchase the bike. 
  • Used: Obtain the vehicle portion of the vehicle permit duly signed by the person from whom you bought the bike. 

Both documents must contain clear vehicle identification. You will also need to bring in the registration fee. This changes from time to time, so it’s best to check the Ministry’s website to see what the current fees are. 

You must register the vehicle within six days of buying it. You also only have six days to notify the Ministry of any change of address. You will receive a license plate to attach to the front of the bike and a vehicle permit to carry. Keep this on you when driving or you may face fines. 

Why Are There Two Types of Number Plates?  

Now that you know the answer to “Do you need to register a dirt bike?” it’s time to look at the license plates. When you register your vehicle, you will need to register its purpose as well. Depending on the outcome, you will get one of two number plates. 

Green and White

With these plates, you can only use the bike off-road and not on public roads or public land. You may ride it on private properties but only with the owner’s permission. You may also use it on designated public riding trails.

You need a rider’s permit but not an M licence. You must also insure the vehicle. However, if you are going to cross a highway, you must have an up-to-date driver’s licence. 

Blue and White

If you want to use your bike anywhere, you need to register for a blue and white plate. For your bike to qualify, it must have all the warning signals a normal bike has, like a horn, lighting, and turn signals. You must have an M licence and insurance. 

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Now that you can answer, “Do you need to register a dirt bike?” you are one step closer to obtaining one. Learn more about the difference between an electric vs gas dirt bike or call Canada Powersports Financing at (844) 531-0138 to find out more about financing your dream.

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