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Can You Get an RV Loan for a Private Seller?

Jan 20, 2024 | RV Loans

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Are you looking to acquire a recreational vehicle? Did you know that you can easily find a used one at a bargain price from a private seller? If so, you may also want to know whether there are financing options in play.

Can you get an RV loan for a private seller? Yes! You can get RV financing, no matter if you’re buying from a dealer or a private seller. 

With Canada Powersports Financing’s years of experience in providing financial assistance options, such as an RV loan for used vehicles, the team knows a thing or two about securing financing for private RV purchase agreements. Here’s more about private seller RV financing and how to navigate the process smoothly.  

Buying an RV From a Private Seller Is a Great Choice

Even if you haven’t explored all the possibilities yet, you’ve got an array of reasons to shop, negotiate, and eventually purchase a used RV from a private party. 

  • A private seller usually has a lower overhead than a dealership. They may charge a lower selling price for the vehicle.
  • You have the opportunity to find your desired make, model, and floor plan. 
  • The seller often won’t bump the price to allow for trade-ins. 
  • You can get an extensive vehicle history because private RV sellers will usually have comprehensive records of maintenance and repairs.

With these benefits, you can save thousands when you purchase an RV from a private party rather than buying a similar unit from a dealer. 

Buying an RV From a Private Party Financing Process

When you’ve found that perfect RV, can you get an RV loan for a private seller? Of course, you can. Plus, the private seller RV loan approval process is quite simple and more secure than paying cash.

However, identifying potential issues with the vehicle’s value or the owner’s paperwork could save you a world of trouble. So, when it comes to purchasing an RV through private party financing, get an industry expert to walk you through the process.

Can you purchase an RV from an individual with a previous lien, you ask? While this is possible, your financier will liaise with the seller’s lien holder and arrange payment during funding. This process is usually seamless, and the lender will send any funds above the payoff directly to the RV’s seller. 

Still, keep in mind that any lender has an interest in the payoff. They must ensure the payoff process goes smoothly and may save you time by taking the hassle of paperwork and title transfer off your hands. The lender coordinates the sales details directly with the seller to avoid costly mistakes (often associated with cash transactions). 

Partner With a Reliable RV Financing Company

Can you get an RV loan for a private seller? The simple answer is yes. Then, working with a trusted RV financing company can ensure everything goes well. 

Call Canada Powersports Financing at (343) 308-1593 for all your RV financing needs, help with negotiating for a new RV, and much more.

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