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The Six Best Snowmobile Trails in Ontario

Mar 5, 2024 | Blog

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Ontario’s legendary snowmobile trails are some of the best across the globe. In fact, the area’s prescribed snowmobile trail network totals over 30,000 kilometers, so if you’re seeking a new adventure, you’ll find one. 

As a leader in snowmobile financing nationwide, Canada Powersports Financing knows a few things about snowmobiling in Ontario. In this post are some of the best snowmobile trails in Ontario if you’re up for some fun this winter. 

#1 Bancroft

Bancroft dates back to the mid-1800s when it started as a mining and lumbering area. Today, the historic region offers an enviable network that gives snowmobilers access to an endless selection of beautiful snowmobile trails.

In a bid to attract even more snowmobile enthusiasts, Bancroft went up a notch and constructed a snowmobile bridge across the York River. Snowmobilers now have even easier access to services from the TOP Trail B106E, which cuts across town. 

#2 Abitibi Canyon

The hilly Abitibi Canyon is the most popular backcountry snowmobiling adventure in Northeastern Ontario. Most riders love it for “awfully deep” powder snow. 

You’ll find this exciting winter playground at the northern end of the Abitibi Canyon Tour. You’ll need an Ontario Snowmobile Trail Permit to access it (via TOP Trail A103). 

#3 Cochrane 

Cochrane holds a reputation—it has claimed “The World’s #1 Snowmobile Trails” for over 25 years. 

The Francophone community prides itself on being large enough to offer every service and amenity that a snowmobiler would need. Yet, it’s small, friendly, and easy to navigate.

#4 Mattawa

Our list of the best snowmobile trails in Ontario wouldn’t be complete without Mattawa, which is in the Canadian Shield and the Laurentian Mountain Range. Thanks to this strategic position, it tends to get excellent snow conditions. 

If you’re looking for excellent uncrowded and underused trails, you’ll be spoilt for choice in Mattawa! The variety of restaurants and lodgings are the cherry on top of easy access to the trails by TOP A112A (running through and beside the town).

#5 Pembroke

This town sits in the heart of the scenic Ottawa Valley, right at the intersection of TOP Trails A and B. It offers remarkable access to a network of well-maintained and signed trails accessing the Madawaska and Calabogie Highlands. 

You can also access the trails around “Behind the Park”, the area sandwiched between the Ottawa River and Algonquin Park. 

#6 Huntsville

If you’re looking for a memorable RV or snowmobiling experience in Ontario, consider exploring the Muskoka region. 

Huntsville sits at the region’s north end. It provides easy access to the area’s best snowmobiling trails and nature’s best to discover.

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