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Three Tips on How to Choose the Best Boat Dealer in Canada

Jul 13, 2021 | Blog, Buyer Guides

If you’ve read our article on why you should buy an RV, then you must already be looking for the best RV to buy as well as boat financing options so you can hit the open road. And while RVs are a great way to see and experience the many wonders that Canada has to offer, it limits you to only exploring the places you can access by land. Now, considering that Canada is home to the most beautiful lakes in the world, you’ll want to make sure that you don’t miss out. 

A boat is one of the best ways to see Canada’s lakes and you may want to consider getting one if you are a nature lover. However, we understand if you are a little hesitant as buying a boat can be quite difficult. This is especially true if it’s your first time buying a boat. To help you out, we’ve put together a list of tips to help you choose the best boat dealer in the country.

Opt for Local Dealers

The first thing you have to decide is whether to go with a local dealer or one that’s based out of town. And while this could vary on a case to case basis, we suggest opting for a local dealer. 

There are two main reasons why you should go with a local dealer.

The first reason is that you can gauge their performance based on the reviews of your community. Someone you know is likely to have already done business with them. This can help give you further insight on what kind of dealer they are and if their terms will be acceptable for your current financial situation.

Another reason why you should go to a local dealer is convenience. In case something goes wrong with your boat, you’ll want to bring your boat to the dealership so they can assess and fix any issues you may have with the boat. If you opt to do business with a dealership from out of town, then you’ll be inconvenienced by the entire drive going there. Not to mention that it will take more time and resources to lug your boat around somewhere far. This won’t be a problem if you go with a local dealer, as they’re usually just a short drive away.

Assess Their Knowledge and Professionalism

Despite any glowing reviews, you’ll still want to make sure that the dealers that you work with are knowledgeable when it comes to boats. When purchasing a boat, make sure to ask as many questions as possible. Dealers should be able to answer any boat-related question as they are experts in their field. If they are unable to answer your questions, you may want to rethink where you purchase boats. 

Aside from being knowledgeable, you’ll also want to make sure the dealers you do business with are organized. You’ll want to examine the state of their lot and boats. If something is amiss. Messy lots and boats that aren’t properly maintained are a sign of irresponsibility and the last thing you want is an irresponsible dealer. 

Gauge Customer Service

Lastly, you’ll want to make sure to go with a dealer that offers good customer service. Good dealers will also help you accomplish all the paperwork involved in buying a boat. To add to this, keep in mind that you will eventually have to contact your dealer for help regarding your boat. This is why it is incredibly important to opt for a dealer that is responsive and is always willing to help you with any of your concerns. 


It can be daunting to make such a major financial decision. Considering how important it is, you’ll want to make sure that you’re doing business with a trustworthy and reliable dealer. Hopefully, these tips prove to be useful when it comes to helping you get a boat. Be sure to look back on this list so that you can make a more informed choice on your dealer.

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