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Everything You Need to Know about Snowmobile Financing

Dec 6, 2021 | Financing, Blog

Nothing beats the feeling of having your own snowmobile and driving it around a fresh patch of snow. That very feeling has inspired many individuals to buy their own winter vehicle and have the experience of a lifetime. In fact, snowmobiles seem to be gaining a lot of popularity in recent years. Over 120,000 snowmobiles were sold worldwide in 2018, and over 47,000 of those were in Canada alone. For many of these people, financing is the only thing between them and their dream. Fortunately, financing options do exist. If you’re reading this, you may be looking for information about snowmobile financing. We’ll explain how these loans work and cover a few of your options, below.

How Snowmobile Financing Works

Snowmobile financing is done in two ways. You can either get a loan at your local bank, or you can purchase a snowmobile payment plan. When it comes to loans, the process is very similar to buying a house. A lot of banks will require you to have excellent credit and enough cash on hand to meet closing costs. Alternatively, you can enter a snowmobile payment plan that rewards you for paying your monthly interest and fees off quickly. These plans will work very similarly to that of a car payment, but they’ll usually include an extra amount of savings to reward you for paying off your snowmobile early.

Don’t Use Credit Cards for your Purchase

Before purchasing a snowmobile with a credit card, you should consider whether the higher interest rate will be worth it. Most credit cards have higher interest rates than other kinds of financing, such as personal loans and bank lines of credit. Since the average credit card interest rate is around 17%, you could end up paying thousands of dollars more than necessary if you don’t pay off your balance in time.

Purchasing a New Snowmobile with Auto Finance

One of the best and most straightforward ways to get financing for your new snowmobile is through an auto loan. When you apply for financing through a bank or any financial institution, you’re able to purchase your new vehicle and finance it at the same time. To qualify for a loan, you’ll need to have a steady job and steady income. You’ll also need to have a valid driver’s license and a reliable vehicle that you can afford to take out of commission for a few weeks. When determining your monthly payment, you’ll want to consider your income, monthly expenses, and other important factors.

Snowmobiles can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, so financing is a sensible option. The cost of snowmobiles is likely to increase in the future. Your lender will factor this in when calculating your payments, so they’ll need you to provide proof of your income. Snowmobile financing can be expensive. The interest rate on snowmobile financing can be relatively high, but it’s easy to reduce the cost of borrowing by using a loan comparison website.


Snowmobile financing can help you get your hands on a high-quality machine that you’ll use for several years to come. The interest rates may be high, but they are offset by the popularity of snowmobiles in Canada.

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