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What To Look for When Buying a Used Boat

Jul 5, 2023 | Boat Loans

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It’s tragic to hear the local fishing spot or river calling your name while lacking money for a new boat. With a used boat, you don’t have to give up your water-faring dreams yet!

Still, even if you know the make and model you want, do you know what to look for when buying a used boat? Our boat financing assistance in Canada includes teaching methods to make wise choices and purchases. The lower prices might intrigue you, but you still need to investigate.

Check the Condition of the Boat

Before signing any paperwork, check the condition of the boat you’re considering. Follow a mental or physical review checklist to ensure everything is in working order:

  • Deck: no squishing or softness, should be a hardy surface
  • Hull: no to few dents and gouges, none with leak potential
  • Transom: no rusting—or wood rot on older models
  • Motor: no knocking, loud noises, or smoke when on and running
  • Motor Tilt: no difficulty or loud noises when lifting, lowering, or steering motor
  • Lower Unit: no bends to the prop shaft; gear lube should not be creamy-colored

Remember the Little Parts of the Boat

To know what to look for when buying a used boat, be aware of more than just the popular components. For example, have you made sure the lights work properly? What about the bilge pump or aerator?

Issues with smaller, more miscellaneous parts of the boat may seem like a non-issue, but pay attention to them. If the lights or bilge pump isn’t working, that could be an electrical issue. If the boat is supposed to have a cleat and it’s missing, the hull may have more damage than you thought. 

Be familiar with the different parts of the boat, big and small, and inspect them thoroughly.

Always Test the Boat

The Coast Guard suggests planning for your trip out on the water. Before you buy a used boat, you should do a similar process via a sea trial. Sea trials mimic a day out on the water with various tests to ensure the vehicle works as expected.

During a sea trial, remember to complete several tests and review the qualities of the boat:

  • Check for glare and reflections by driving toward and away from the sun
  • Center the wheel when at or under 8 kmh to see if the boat stays centered
  • Check the engine, ensuring it meets testing performance targets

Dealers and sellers should allow you to run the motor or test drive the boat before purchasing. Find a different seller if they refuse or seem reluctant about it.

Find Your Boat Without Breaking Your Bank

Don’t buy without knowing boat financing terms or what to look for when buying a used boat. Canada Powersports Financing experts answer all boat lovers’ pressing questions so you can feel confident in your purchase. We also offer financing options to fit various credit conditions.

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